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Silly movie Hello! My name is eddy Gorsuch 您好!我的名字是 eddy Gorsuch .

If you are reading this page, you probably already know that. Or you might know my wife, Lingyan (also known as WU Lingyan, or WU Lynda). Or you could be an automated web-crawler. You also probably know that I do not update these web pages very much at all. 如果你正在阅读这个页面,你可能已经知道这一点。   或者你可能知我的妻子,凌燕(又称 WU Lingyan,或 WU Lynda)。 或者你可能是一个自动化的网络爬虫。 你也可能知道,我不经常更新这些页面。

Lingyan My wife, Lingyan 我的妻子,凌燕

Lingyan comes from China. She lived for a while in New Zealand, then moved to Chicago. She was also known by the name Lynda Wu (and still uses that name when talking to her old friends). We met when she came to California to visit a childhood friend. We got married in May of 2004. When we got married, I convinced her that there were enough Chinese people in the SF Bay Area that she could use her given name (and I think Lingyan is a pretty name). 凌燕来自中国。 她住在新西兰的一段时间,然后搬到了芝加哥。 她也被称为由名称 WU Lynda(和交谈时仍使用该名称她的老朋友)。 我们见面的时候,她来到加州探望儿时的朋友。 我们结婚了,2004年的五月。 我们结婚时,我相信她有足够的中国人在旧金山湾区,她可以用她的名字 (我觉得凌燕是漂亮的名字)。

Sammy Sammy 山珉

The youngest member of our family is Sammy. 我们家族最年轻的成员是山珉。

Sammy is now in the tenth grade at Mission San Jose High School here in Fremont. 山珉现在是十年级 Mission San Jose 高中 在这里 弗里蒙特. He is enrolled in the Mandarin Immersion Program at school, which means he is being educated in Chinese and English. 他报名参加 普通话沉浸课程 在学校,这意味着他被教育的中国和英语。 If you see him, say 你好 ("Ni hao", which means "Hello"). 如果你看到他,说“Hello”(你好)。

About us 关于我们

Fremont, California We live in Fremont, California, which is located on the southeast side of the San Francisco Bay, right near Silicon Valley. 我们生活在 弗里蒙特, 它位于旧金山湾的东南边,右侧靠近硅谷。

About me 关于我

Why do I have this web site? Am I some kind of egoist? Nope, not really. I created this page when the web was young, just as an exercise in web page design. The original version of these pages were simple html. I've finally caved in and am now using CSS (and maybe a little Javascript), since the technology has been stable for a while now (well, ignoring certain exceptions in compatibility between browsers). 为什么我有这样的网站?我是某种形式的利己主义者呢? 不,不是真的。 我创造了这个页面时,网页是年轻的,只是作为一个练习网页设计。 这些页面的原始版本是简单的HTML。 我终于屈服了,我现在使用CSS(也许一些JavaScript), 因为该技术现在已经稳定了一段时间(当然,忽视了浏览器之间的兼容性某些例外)。

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ed.dy \'ed-e-\ n [ME (Sc dial.) ydy, prob. fr. ON itha; akin to OHG ith-again], L et and 1a: a current of water or air running contrary to the main current; esp)X : a small whirlpool 1b: a substance moving similarly 2: a contrary or circular current - eddy vb